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Homework Help: Integrate the on axis field of finite solenoid from a thin shell one, HELP!

  1. Aug 13, 2009 #1
    Dear all,

    i met a problem that i couldn't get the on axis field of a finite solenoid that integrating from a thin shell solenoid equation.

    The thin shell equation link:

    And the on axis finite solenoid equation link:

    If i was right, the integral of (a/sqrt (a*a+r*r)) dr should be a*ln(r+sqrt(r*r+a*a)), if so i couldn't figure out how to get the (r2-r1) term in the second link equation.

    Thank you for your attention

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    To get the second expression from the first, you need to integrate over dr from r1 to r2. You do this by adding "solenoids" of radius r, thickness dr, and length l carrying current di. According to the first expression, the contribution from one such solenoid is

    [tex]dB = \frac{\mu_{0}N di}{2 l}[\frac{x_{2}}{\sqrt{x^{2}_{2}+r^{2}}}-\frac{x_{1}}{\sqrt{x^{2}_{1}+r^{2}}}] [/tex]

    Before you integrate, you need to express di in terms of dr. Hint: Think in terms of current density.
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    Thank you very much, i got the answer.
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