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Integrated Visual Magnitude

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    A certain globular cluster has a total of 10^4 stars; 100 of them have MV=0.0, and the rest have MV=+5.0. What is the integrated visual magnitude of the cluster?

    Nowhere in our class notes or textbook is the term "integrated visual magnitude" defined. Googling it, I find the term used, but not defined.

    If I had to guess how to do this problem, I'd just do a weighted average:



    Which when rounded for significant figures = 5.0
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    See if these notes and examples help -

    http://ottawa.rasc.ca/observers/an9811p9.html [Broken]

    I am a bit surprised that this is not covered in your textbook.
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    I was also given this question and I tried clicking the link and it doesn't work. How would I go about starting this? We too didn't learn anything about integrated visual magnitude so I have no idea what to do with this. Is there some type of formula or something?
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