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Interesting simulation of a spiral galaxy evolution.

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    VERY cool. Thanks for posting.
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    at about 0:45 counterclockwise rotation is clearly visible. by 1:30 the direction of rotation is clockwise. Between 1:05 and 1:30 direction of rotation seems to be dependant on the distance from the center.

    I'm curious if this sort of change in the direction of rotation is a real phenomena or just a feature of this simulation.

    Does anyone know of any observational evidence one way or the other?
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    Also interesting is after about 20 seconds a clear axis of rotation develops and stays pointing in the same direction even though the mass of the galaxy changes many times. Does that seem typical or must it be from initial conditions of the initial matter cloud? I assume we are viewing from some point with fixed orientation (what the hell does that mean)?

    Thanks for any help!
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    No jets. Early formation should produce jets.

    I'm assuming from that model that gravitational acceleration wasn't limited, it would be nice to see a simulation where it was. /1+limit+R² (there is no observation that shows acceleration -> infinity as r->0, it's only an assumption, if you accept frame dragging then the assumption must be incorrect anyway)
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    Do you know how they created the stimulation? Was it a custom program or one already made?
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