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Interference And Differaction

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    How in microscope there is a phenomena of differaction, and in case of telescope there is interference of light happens ?
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    Diffraction and interference are related concepts, and you have both in both tools (and everywhere else where light is propagating).
    I am not sure what exactly you are asking.
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    The normal terminology for the limit of resolution of a telescope is 'diffraction limit'. I wonder whether you are bringing in the idea of interference in the context of multiple telescope arrays.

    'Everything' is diffraction, when you get down to it. Interference is a simple example of diffraction where a finite number of small coherent sources are involved. The Maths involved is usually somewhat simpler when you can treat a problem in terms of interference as you are Summing a small number of discrete sources rather than Integrating over a continuous aperture, when analysing diffraction.
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