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Intergrating 1/[xlog(x)]

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    This is doing my head in!

    I split it to 1/x * 1/log(x) and got the intergral = 1 + the intergral when using intergration by parts. :cry:

    I know the answer is log[log(x)] but have no idea how you get log of a log.

    Got a feeling the answer is going to really obvious!
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    Substitute u=log(x)
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    log(x) = u, u=exp(x), x du = dx.
    intergral becomes exp[-u] 1/u exp du
    = 1/u du
    = log u
    = log[log(x)]

    Cheers! :biggrin:
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    \int{frac{1}{x\ln{x}}}\d x=\int{frac{1}{\ln{x}}}\d \ln{x}
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    [tex]\int{frac{1}{x\ln{x}}}\d x=\int{frac{1}{\ln{x}}}\d \ln{x}[\tex]
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    [tex]\int{frac{1}{x\ln{x}}}\d x=\int{frac{1}{\ln{x}}}\d \ln{x}[/tex]
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    Do you mean?


    You can click on the above for the code that generated it.

    You know you can preview posts before you submit. You can also edit and delete!
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    I see. Sorry for making a big mess here.
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