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Homework Help: Intersection coordinates are my points right?

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    Hi can someone plz check that my points of intersection are correct?

    The question was determine the coordinate of the intersection point of

    [tex] \frac {(x-3)^2} {9} + \frac {y+2)^2} {4} =1 [/tex] and [tex] y=2x-3 [/tex]

    I after putting the second equation into the first and then expanding and solving for x and y I got my two intersection points to be

    (1.33,-0.34) and (0.169,-2.66) These values work well when plugged into the equation both coordinates equal 36 from the first equation when denominators are eliminated.

    I wanted to check this with the graphing calculator but was having a hard time putting the first equation into y= form. Can someone help me out a little plz :rolleyes:
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    With what?If you got those points (which was what the problem asked),then you're done with it.

    Can't your software plot implicit equations?My Maple can.

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    you did it right no need to graph it'd be a waste of time. If you really wanted to you can graph this in a calculator(i'm assuming you have TIsomething), you need to put one of the equations in two pieces one positive square root and the other negative.
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