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Intro to EE Prerequisites

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    Hello everyone, I am a CS major who will be taking an Introductry course in EE specifically designed for non-EE majors. It covers analysis and design of passive and active circuits. I know that the prerequisite to the class is calculus and engineering physics (electromagnetism). I took the electromagnetism course a while ago and forgot a lot of concepts.

    Which is the best way to prepare myself for the course ? Should I review all the topics of electromagnetism like Electric potential, Guassian surface, capacitance, magnetism, inductance etc ? Or can I jump directly to electric circuits ?

    Thank you for your time.
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    I'd just buy the textbook early, and start self-studying. It will probably come fairly easy for you, and anything that doesn't make sense, just look those concepts up in reference texts or your old textbooks. No reason to do a big general review beforehand, IMO. Just start with the class' textbook and get a head start.
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    Honestly, from the description you've provided, it doesn't sound like you'll be doing much on the physics end of the EE spectrum. In my experience (which is limited), circuit classes typically cover abstractions more than anything else. That is, if you know the relation between voltage across and current in a resistor, a capacitor, and an inductor, you'll probably be fine.
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    berkeman and Manchot, Thank you for your help.

    Anymore suggestions from other people would help ?
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    Nilsson and Riedel's "Electric Circuits" --- see if you can borrow it or get the older 6th edition. (7th ed is the newest one but its really the same thing!!!)

    BTW I don't think you should have to self study--- enjoy your break!!! (What little you have left!)
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    Yeah it'll be helpful if you recall your knowledge about capacitors, resistors and inductors... but due to the fact that this is basic ckt theory, you treat all effects as instantaneous--- you wont need to know about Gauss Law, wave propagation or maxwell's equations... or anything like that. (And theyll review that stuff if you ever HAVE to come across it).
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    Thanks a lot everyone for all your suggestions. It will save a lot of time. Thanks again !
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