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Complaint Invalid thread lock

  1. May 20, 2012 #1

    It is my opinion that locking the thread listed in reference after 4 hours of posting to it was not valid.

    1. The PF Science Advisers that were reviewing my work are still active PF members.
    2. The work does not violate any PF forums rules.
    3. The thread was in compliance with the advice from the PF Science Advisers.
    4. 4 hours in not sufficient time for PF forum members to respond.
    5. 4 hours in not sufficient time for PF Science Advisers to respond.
    6. PF Science Advisers do not have time to respond to every PF posting.
    7. PF forum members were not given the chance to post a response.
    8. PF forum members do not have time to respond to every PF posting.
    9. The thread was advanced research based and in development for two years.
    10. No valid response or solution was given by the thread locker.
    11. No demerit was issued by the thread locker, or a reason for a demerit.

    a solar model - Orion1
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    "This thread has turned into one person talking to himself." by Vanadium 50.

    And it seems it had.
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