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Investigation and experiment ideas

  1. Apr 2, 2009 #1
    I'm a high school physics teacher and my students have to design their own experiments based around electricity and electronics/photonics concepts.

    One group must do their experiment on basic circuits and electricity, and I've thought of a few example ideas for them: Measuring power use of a battery powered device in different settings, measuring resistance of wires/resistors under various conditions, measuring internal resistance of a battery.

    However, I'm stuck on the group has to do their experiment on electronics / photonics.

    The investigations need to be based around
    - amplifiers
    - LED's
    - Light dependent resistors
    - Light intensity modulation
    - Thermistors
    - Non-Ohmic devices like Diodes

    I can think of plenty of boring ones, but can anyone think of some interesting investigations? They need to be able to take measurements of at least two variables during their experiment.

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