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I Ion sensor for 1e20 ions/m3 density

  1. Nov 2, 2018 #1
    What kind of ion sensor can I use in the range 1e19to 1e22 ions/m3?
    (corresponds to 0.1 to 5 pascals if non ionized)
    Does it exist any sensor based in the charge capacity?
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    You can measure up to 4e19 densities by detecting plasma cutoff (resonance) frequency with network analyser; for higher densities i afraid you need conduction-based measurement setup - basically cold cathode ionization gauge, but biased well below breakdown to measure ions only
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    thank you, I will look for that and write about here
    Does the resonance is related to ion gyroradius in a magnetic field? How to avoid electron running in opposite direction?
    There is any ion density probe based on space charge?
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    No, resonance i mean is Langmuir waves (do not mistake with completely different Langmuir probe method)
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    Very good! that works also with ions, not only electrons!.
    I suppose this is the formula (where e & m are charge in coulombs and ion mass in Kg):
    Do you use V2 to send and V3 langmuir probe to receive?
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    Yes, the equation above is for Langmuir wave frequency conversion to concentration.
    Regarding second question, i do not completely understand but likely it related to triple Langmuir probe. It is a specialized setup and i did not use it before.
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