What is Sputtering: Definition and 18 Discussions

In physics, sputtering is a phenomenon in which microscopic particles of a solid material are ejected from its surface, after the material is itself bombarded by energetic particles of a plasma or gas. It occurs naturally in outer space, and can be an unwelcome source of wear in precision components. However, the fact that it can be made to act on extremely fine layers of material is utilised in science and industry—there, it is used to perform precise etching, carry out analytical techniques, and deposit thin film layers in the manufacture of optical coatings, semiconductor devices and nanotechnology products. It is a physical vapor deposition technique.

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  1. S

    How stable are coatings put on by Sputtering?

    As an example specifically, sputtering is used for putting coatings onto razor blades. People are told to not wipe the blade for cleaning. So does the coating have any resistance like in case a user gives a single pull through something like a cork or a styrofoam cup, to remove any accumulated...
  2. R

    Best way to bond laser diode materials together

    chemical vapor deposition, Molecular beam epitaxy or magnetron sputtering What is the best way to bond GaAs to the intrinsic layer of a laser diode? I am planning on building a refactory oven on a concrete pad this summer once I clear of one side of my yard. There is just no way around it...
  3. Javier Lopez

    I Ion sensor for 1e20 ions/m3 density

    What kind of ion sensor can I use in the range 1e19to 1e22 ions/m3? (corresponds to 0.1 to 5 pascals if non ionized) Does it exist any sensor based in the charge capacity?
  4. R

    A Conductive metals that are not prone to sputtering

    Does anyone know if there are highly conductive metals (or any conductive metals) that are not prone to sputtering. Or any non metalic conductors that don't sputter?
  5. V

    I What is the approximate impedance of an RF plasma "antenna"?

    I've searched high and low for data regarding this from scientific papers to books and I cannot find anything in regards to the approximate impedance to excite a vacuum vessel to plasma state. In particular I want to built a RF Plasma cleaning chamber, however, I am not sure how to design the...
  6. spearme

    A Silver RF magnetron sputtering targets

    Hi, I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I've vented my system to clean her out this week and as I was checking my targets I noticed that the whole sputtering surface of my silver target was white. I've been able to clean the white layer off but have no idea what it is or how it happened...
  7. S

    PVD sputtering - step coverage

    Hi all, I would like to deposit a thin titanium film (d=100nm) with pvd sputtering on an epoxy encapsulated IC-chip to protect the chip against corrosive gases. Titanium target (diameter: 100mm) is straight above IC-Chip (length and width: 6mm, height:2mm), working pressure ~ 1E-4 mbar. My...
  8. mesa

    Looking for a boron nitride sheet for thin film dep / Fusion

    Hello fellow PFers. Recently we ran our first fusion experiment on campus by utilizing our IBeAM analysis lab with a BN electrical insulator target after installing and calibrating a gamma detector in the vacuum chamber. The Professor funding the experiment needed to see we could achieve a...
  9. S

    Can plasma cutter be used for sputtering?

    Hi there, I'd like to know if a small plasma cutter setup could be used for etching and sputtering... for example, finding a way to make a little plasma arc flow in air like a sputtering and etching beam. I doubt i can use an arc directly without burning up and destroying what I am trying to...
  10. M

    Gas fittings: Chromatograph and Sputtering

    Hello, I'm attempting to restore my Plasma Sciences CrC-150 Sputtering system, and I'm having a terrible time working out the source gas fittings. Each is a brass compression fitting with a roughly 1/4" mean thread diameter. The last time I used this machine, a chemist helped me by...
  11. M

    Can RF Sputtering cause the the ejected target to ionise?

    Hello, I am currently working on sputtering method for thin film deposition of III-Nitrides. The target used was a gallium nitride (GaN) plate and plasma generation was achieved by radio frequency (RF). After running the sample through phase analysis, interestingly a gallium oxide (Ga2O3)...
  12. L

    DC Sputtering of Silicon without Magnetron

    My question has to do with Sputtering Silicon onto a substrate using DC without a Magnetron. The system in the lab I'm at isn't currently capable of RF sputtering and the status of the magnetron is unknown. Is there any way to use a sputter with DC to deposit Silicon onto a substrate? On the...
  13. T

    Plasma colour in a sputtering chamber

    Hi everyone, my question is: what information can someone get by just looking at the colour of a plasma? I the elements inside the chambers, together with some(few) common impurities. Using the common spontaneous emission formula i can guess what transition emitted light with a particular...
  14. M

    Questions regarding sputtering machines, their magnetrons, and etch process

    Hello, Years back, I used to work with a sputtering machine, but I never really understud some of the activities within the machine. One of the things that puzzled me was why the target was to be eroded, while the surrounding metal structure that held it in place and formed the lid, was not...
  15. K

    What is the impact of bias on DC sputtering for thin film deposition?

    Hi, I would like to know when deposition using DC sputtering, bias play a role in plasma build-up, but with bias applied and without bias applied, still obtain the same thickness of thin film layer, what actually the differences between bias and without bias during DC sputtering? Thanks.
  16. M

    Argon sputtering onto Al(111)

    I'm attempting to research information on Ar+ sputtering on a sample of Al(111) in UHV (10-10mbar region) for the purpose of sample cleaning in conjunction with annealing, however I've hit a bit of a block. My main method of research has been to trawl through journal after journal to get...
  17. L

    Ion Sputtering: Finding Resources for Knowledge

    I meet a problem about "ion sputtering "in my work,I want to acquire some knowledge about "ion sputtering ",who can tell me where can i find relative articles? THANKS!
  18. J

    Understanding Plasma Sputtering: A Brief Overview

    What is plasma sputtering?? Hi, I've got a undergrad exam coming up and i can't describe the process of plasma sputtering :cry: , can't find much on the web .. any help would be greatly appreciated