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IP Tracking Software

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    Is there software out on the net in which I can find out a person's name, location etc. from their IP?
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    Who're you trying to kill? I'm sure you could find somebody to do it full-service for you, for a price of course. But at least you'd save yourself the trouble of all this work!

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    Actually, it was this person that was abusing me. I had trouble with him awhile ago.

    After he spammed my website, which was dumb since I had a sitemeter that told me his ISP, he spammed my guestbook...which told me his IP address.

    He knows my full name (which determines race), and age. That's it. I have a very common full name though. I think, there are millions with my name.

    Anyways, I'd just like to know a bit about him, to protect myself. I banned him from my site anyways.
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    Try http://samspade.org/ [Broken]
    While it won't tell you his name. You can do an IP whois that would tell you his location, the location of his ISP, an abuse e-mail to report him amongst other things. traceroute, etc..

    I doubt the ISP would do something about a paying customer spamming a message board, but it's worth the shot.
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    depending on what language your site is coded in you can get the ip of someone (that is if you are using php, asp, etc). then you can do a whois as The Professional said and backtrace the persons ip. with the same coding language you can effectively block the person's ip from visiting your site (this is the foundation of bans list).
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