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Is 40,000 joules of energy enough for Nuclear fusion?

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    Is 40,000 joules of energy enough for Nuclear fusion?
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    Is -4 enough to make the sky blue?

    You've certainly not given enough information for anyone to make sense out of your question.

    Fusion of what? Hydrogen? What does 40,000 joules represent? The average thermal kinetic energy of the particles?

    - Warren
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    yeah, sorry about that. I was just wondering if the LLE in rochester could use their OMEGA laser to concentrate two particles and force them to fuse. the OMEGA laser can direct 40,000 joules of energy though a colaboration of 60 lasers.
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    Urban: yes.

    The problem is getting that energy into a very small volume and keeping it there.


    The deuterium-tritium (D-T) fusion reaction requires the lowest temperature to ignite -- 141 million K, which is 12.1 KeV or 1.94 x 10-15 joules per nuclei..
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