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I Is Bohmian mechanics wrong?

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    According to lubos, bohmian mechanics is certainly wrong because "its basic classical object – the guiding wave – is in principle unobservable because a change of it should in principle impact things at a distance but it never does". Apparently this is because it is non local. Is this the same for all non local interpretations? Are all non local interpretations wrong?

    Here is the video he is talking about
    skip to 41:30 when Rudinger Shack is asked about bohmian mechanics
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    At this time, there is no fully convincing way to exclude Bohmian Mechanics. There are results that exclude certain classes of nonlocal interpretations, but Bohmian Mechanics is not a member of those classes.
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    You don't need to ask Luboš, Bohmian Mechanics has its adversaries right here and a great defender, the Croatian physicist Hrvoje Nikolic. I would say there's not enough evidence to accept this theory as the right interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, nor refute it as the wrong one.
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    Hopefully he makes an appearance on this forum
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    Paging @Demystifier ... :oldwink:
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    A. Neumaier

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    The heart of the critique by Lubos Motl is towards the end of the first half of his blog entry (currently about at a quarter of the total page content):
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    I have nothing new to say which I haven't already said a 1000 times. :headbang:
    I liked posts on this thread with which I agree.
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    Imho, the only good thing of Bohmian Mechanics (BM) is that it is superfluous. There's nothing observable different from minimally interpreted QT, and the extension of BM to relativistic QT (i.e., FAPP local microcausal relativistic QFTs underlying the Standard Model) at least problematic. I think, it's safe to simply ignore it ;-).
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    Not if I can lock the thread before the carnage gets out of hand.... Mouseclick.... Mouseclick.... Sigh of relief- the world is saved!

    If the question is whether Bohmian mechanics is wrong, it's hard to improve on DrChinese's answer above. Whether you like Bohmian mechanics, or consider it likely to be right.... That's a different discussion, not one amenable to proof and resolution.
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