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Is hydrogen sulphide a polar compound?

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    I wanted to know whether H2S is a polar compound and hence does it have a dp dp interaction. An answer sheet says the H2S only has id-id. If this is true can some one explain it to me? cause sulphur is definitively polar, and considering h2s's V shape, it should be a polar molecule, thus having dipole interaction.
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    Its not very polar at all. It doesn't exhibit strong hydrogen bonding like water does which is why its a gas instead of a liquid at room temperature. Take a look at the electronegativity scale:
    it has bent molecular geometry so you're right, it has a dipole, but as you can see sulfur and hydrogen only have an electronegativity difference of 0.38 so its not a very strong dipole. So to sum it up: H2S is only slightly polar.
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    alright, got it! thanks
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    Well, it has a dipole moment of 0.97 D as compared to 1.85 D of water. So it is quite polar and dipole dipole interactions are important. However, it doesn't form hydrogen bridges.
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