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I Is it possible to build a phase shifter from RLC components?

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    Say you have a circuit component with impedence Z(\omega). Is it possible combine it in some way to resistors, capacitors, and inductors, so as to shift the phase of the impedance by a constant?
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    What do you mean by the phase of the impedance?
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    Do you mean the polar angle of the impedance, that is, the angle when Z is expressed in polar form? In that case, simply changing the reactance or the resistance using the formula tan(θ) = X/R will do that (where X is the reactance and R is the resistance), using the relevant form of X according to whether you are using capacitors or inductors.
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    If you require a fixed phase shift over a band of frequencies, there are some circuits to do this. But you cannot obtain a fixed phase shift over the entire frequency spectrum.
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