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Is it possible to make a portable and re-usable EMP device ?

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    I have an assignment at college and my teacher has been bugging everyone for weeks telling us how we are not ready for the real world, i understand where he is coming from but id like to make something special as my last assignment just to show him that at least i am capable if not anyone else in the class.

    From what i understand already you need superconducting wire wrapped around a tube which will need some strong magnets on either side of the wire, but the article i found on the internet did not explain at all why i would need these or even if this is true

    can someone please help my situation, i am a layman and dont have extensive knowledge but i am definately willing to buy a book to help me and have already bough electronic circuits fundamentals

    So the real question is how do i make an EMP (possible a device that emits a field, or is that just a series of pulses in high frequency ) ( please dont say from a nuclear explosion that helps no one =] ) preferably portable and reusable
    :) thanks guys
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    Isn't this basically a weapon? What if you actually could design one of these, and then let it off around a life critical device that you didn't even know was there? What if your teacher has a pacemaker and you give him a heart attack with your EMP pulse?

    Anyway, I don't think there will be much luck designing this. For example, you talk about superconducting wire, but do you understand that most materials need to be cryogenically cooled to be superconducting?

    Also, I think law enforcement and military would have these devices if they were practical and feasible enough for a college student to put together.

    I think building a simple radio device would be a more reasonable project that still uses EM radiation.
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    Sorry i didnt mean to come out as oblivious in my previous post, i understand pacemakers, hearing aids etc would be affected.

    did not know it was illegal but thanks for telling me :)

    would a radio device that uses EM radiation still have the same effect ?

    I would still be interested in the theory behind a EMP purely for educational purposes though, like you said its illegal i guess that means i cant find the things i need for it in the shops anyways right ?
    Thanks for writing back hope you can answer my more practical question, and still the theory behind my old question :)
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    I don't know anything about EMPs other than what I've seen in movies. I just know that a small radio is a more civil application of EM radiation and basically has the same principles, with less power and less bandwidth and your teacher would probably be proven wrong if you did a good design of it :-)
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    We do not discuss dangerous or illegal activities at the PF. Thread is closed.
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