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I Is pressure a qualitative property?

  1. Apr 2, 2016 #1
    I was solving some examples and one of the examples states that pressure is a qualitative property, i searched a lot on the internet but i didn't find any explanation , i didn't even find any proof that this is true.
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    Please provide the link to what you read. It sounds like clumsy commentary by a non-scientist.
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    I think the book meant "quantitative," not "qualitative."
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    it's not an example from a textbook, it's a solved question from an old exam ( the model answer is by a professor ( not just a PhD) ) , so here's a screenshot of the question , (PS there is another model of this exam with a similar question where he said that temperature is a qualitative property)

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    Is the professor's native language English? I've never seen the distinction "qualitative" versus "quantitative" used for thermodynamic properties. To me, it doesn't make any sense to call pressure "qualitative." You can measure it and associate a number to it, which is the meaning of "quantitative."

    The usual distinction in thermodynamic properties is "extensive" versus "intensive". Enthalpy is an example of an extensive property, and pressure is an example of an intensive property.
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    i know...i took a thermodynamics course on coursera...didnt mention it either, in our lecture's the professor mentioned that enthalpy is quantitative while entropy is qualitative, but he never mentioned anything else, and no..english is his second language
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