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Jar of water in a box, how would You prevent condensation?

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    I'm not sure if this is the right section... But

    Assume you have a medium sized box (about as big as a large desktop computer) inside a room.

    And inside the box there is a jar of water that is significantly colder than the outside temperature.

    How would you prevent water condensation from occurring inside the box?

    Rules (the ones I can think of so far..):
    - You cannot lower the rooms temperature to match the water.
    - The solution should be semi-reasonable.

    I have a few Ideas but I'll like to see if anybody else can come up with them first. Thanks.
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    Water condensation from the air in the box, at the jar?
    • Insulate the jar
    • Use dry air inside the box to lower the dew point below the jar temperature
    • Heat the outside of the jar

    All three methods get used in real applications.
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    The jar...

    I've got a better example though, assume you have a cardboard box, with a tube running through it horizontally. The tube is carrying sub-ambient water through it and you don't want water to condensate on the tube (or anywhere for that matter) so that the box will became wet. Even a little bit of moisture is failure, any ideas?

    Judging from what you said, would a mini de-humidifier inside the box work? What if the air on the outside of the box is still humid? The box isn't airtight. Would that have an effect?
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    The three options are still my answer, and which one is best will depend on the specific application.

    If the box is not air tight, it can have an effect.
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    What do you mean exactly by insulate the jar / tube?

    Would plastic or something work?

    Edit: What do you think about the box having alot of airflow? Would that have any effect on the condensation?
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    1. Cap the jar to prevent ongoing evaporation, then put a pack of silica gel in the box to dry the air.

    2. Coat all surfaces inside the box with a strongly hydrophobic substance such as a silicon polymer anti-fog windscreen treatment.

    This hypothetical question has too many arbitrary degrees of freedom.
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    Some thermal insulation layer around the tube. Polystyrene foam ("Styrofoam") or whatever you have available.

    If it is dry air, sure. Otherwise, it depends on the setup.
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