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Homework Help: Java Error: The operator > is undefined for the argument type(s) E, E

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    Hello. The method here is to add an item to a heap. As the title states, I am getting the error "The operator > is undefined for the argument type(s) E, E" in the parenthesis after the while. I assume this is not the correct way to compare E values. Does anybody know what would be the correct way?

    Code (Text):

        public boolean add(E item) {
            data[size] = item;
            child = size - 1;
            parent = (child-1) / 2;
            while (parent >= 0 && data[parent] > data[child]) {
                // swap data[parent] and data[child]
                child = parent;
                parent = (child - 1) / 2;
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    Anyone? data[] is an array that holds generics. I should have said that instead of saying "E." I can't seem to find a decent website that explains how to compare generic values.
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