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Homework Help: Just checking

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    what pressure will be exerted by 0.450 mol of a gas at 25 degrees Celsius if it is contained in a vessel wwhose volume is 0.65 L?

    [tex]\frac{P_1 * 0.65 L}{298 K * 0.450 mol}=8.31_\frac{L*kPa}{K*mol}

    [tex]P_1 \sim 1714.4 kPa[/tex]

    is this right?
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    Yes that is correct although you didn't setup the equation as best you could.

    {{RT}} = n[/tex]

    could have been changed to

    {V} = P[/tex]

    to make it a much simpler calculation since you are actually looking for P
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    thanks pengwuino, ya i know, the simple algebra doesn't bother me tho :)
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