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Kcals to heat water

  1. Nov 2, 2014 #1
    Suppose there is beaker filled with 1L of water.
    EDIT: You want to raise the temperature of this beaker by 20kcal. The thing that I don't understand is how would you go about doing so. Like one cal is energy required to raise one gram of water by one celsius. But what would you use to raise the temperature ad how would you convert that you energy (like what if you use fire or something like that)
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    20 kcal is not a temperature, it is a quantity of energy. Then you start talking about the time it takes to raise the temperature of water 1 degree. It's not clear what you are asking.
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    Well, ok so you have one liter of water and you want to raise it by 20 kcal. The thing is that i don't know how would you go about doing that.
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    Well, it's difficult to grab a bag containing a certain amount of heat and stuff it into a container of water.

    There are certain calorimeters where a known quantity of a substance is reacted or combusted so that the total amount of heat evolved can be calculated. The change in temperature of the water can then be measured.

    For more info, see this article:

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    Heat it up until the temperature increases by about 20 degrees
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