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Kinematic viscosity for water on Mars

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    Hi - I am trying to understand the relationship between atmosphere pressure, viscosity, and density - specifically water. Is there are way to estimate a range of dynamic viscosity and density values based on varying atmospheric pressures and/or temperature that I could use on any planet. Thanks for any help.
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    Are you talking about liquid water or water vapor?
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    Hi, thanks for responding. I am talking about liquid water.
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    The density and viscosity are essentially functions only of temperature (which you can look up online).
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    jim hardy

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    You can qualitatively observe water's viscosity dependence on temperature by paying attention to the behavior of water and windshield wipers on your automobile. Technically speaking, it's a lot more 'gooey' in winter than in summer. That caused me to look up viscosity versus temperature of water , found it in ASME steam tables before the days of internet. (Really i was trying to figure out why in wintertime in S Florida Biscayne Bay is so much choppier than in summer.. But that's another thread..).

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