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Homework Help: Kinetic theory of gases

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    A cylinder containing a gas is lifted from the first floor to the second floor .What is the amount of work done on the gas ? What is the amount of work done by the gas ? Is the internal energy of the gas increased ? Is the temperature of the gas increased ?
    consider 2 cases :
    case 1 : the cylinder is taken up slowly
    case 2 : cylinder is suddenly taken up and stopped
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    One needs to show some effort to answer these questions, please. :smile:

    What does it mean to do work on the gas, or for the gas to do work?

    Does the 'boundary' of the gas change, i.e. does the volume of gas change?
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    Sir i have just started studying heat . did not find it interesting at all . please suggest some good book . What i thought in this question was that the potential enegy of the gas molecules will increse so the randomness of gas molecules will change hence the temperature of the gas will increase . But the answer given in the book that i refered was that nothing will change . then i thought it is probably because the tempetature of the gas is only due to the KE of the gas which probably will not change (wont it change ?) and i got totally confused . it is probably the ugliest topic . so many assumptions .....
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