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Know any good laser experiments?

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    I decided to buy a power supply for my HeNe laser. I was wondering if anyone could suggest any good experiments to try. I am planning on eventually doing some holography work and I know about the double slit experiment. Any other ideas?
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    Measure the coherence length? (Don't ask me how, though, I haven't done it myself.)

    Put a small front-surface mirror on a speaker, and rock to the music (ah, the heady days of undergrad....)
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    You may modulate the LASER's light by making and breaking the signal. The coding is left as an exercise for the experimenter (an easy one is http://users.erols.com/k3mt/morse/cw.htm [Broken]). Set up a reciever some distance away and demodulate the signal at the reciever site. The signal path is line-of-sight, so you could set this up, hilltop to hilltop.

    You will probably encounter some interesting effects; e.g. depending on how much moisture is in the air, your signal will become progressively scattered which will limit the distance of successfull demodulation. On a clear day, it would be quite interesting to see how far the light can go and be successfully demodulated.
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    I would use it like a death ray and see how many cities you can topple.
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    Check into rotating mirrors and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffraction_grating" [Broken].
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    Hey, You don't suppose that mirror left behind on the Moon is pointing towords Usama Bin Laden do yah? LOL:surprised
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