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Calculators Laplace Transforms on TI-89

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    Hello I have a final coming up in ODE and I would like to check my answers during the exam. Does anybody know how to how to do laplace transforms/ inversions on a ti 89 titanium? I tried just typing lap(function) in my ti89 but that doesn't work. I tried searching google but couldn't find anything.

    Thank you.
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    There comes a time in math when calculators are of no use. You are there.
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    If you really understand it, you could make a program to do the transforms and their inverses. You really don't have to program much, the TI 89 can do symbolic integration.

    I'm having trouble believing you actually googled it. I found it LITERALLY in the first link of my first search. :tongue:
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    Wow you spent all that effort making a useless post when you could have just copy and pasted the alleged found link.

    Thanks for not helping.
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    Will there always be someone to Google for you? No. Therefore, it would be better for me to allow you to learn to find it for yourself.

    You'll thank me later. [Or not, I don't care. :)]

    Also, do you realise you're making the exact mistake you're accusing me of: wasted effort. "Wow you spent all that effort making a useless post when you could have just [STRIKE]copy and pasted the alleged found link[/STRIKE] found the link for yourself."
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    Lol. Again you could have just copy and pasted the link that you found but instead you made an even longer useless post.

    Like I said before, I tried searching for it but could not find anything. I wouldn't have started this thread if it was that easy.

    And I know you don't care if I thank you later or not because apparently all you care about is trying to make people feel stupid instead of helping.

    Is it that hard to just copy and paste a link? I don't understand. If you can it would be much appreciated but if not then please stop posting in this thread.
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    No, I'm not trying to make you feel stupid, and I'm sorry if I am making feel stupid. I don't think you understand my point. Have you ever heard (or read) the Chinese proverb, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"? It's kinda like that; of course I could give you the link, but eventually you'll need something else, and will be just as unable to help yourself as you are now. Would it not be more helpful of me to allow you to learn to help yourself, than to spoon feed you the answer?

    I can see you are persistent, which implies you may actually care. Instead of spoon feeding, I'm going to teach you to feed yourself. What have you tried googling?
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    Or, if you'd like to try the programming route, I could help there, too.
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