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Last 2 Review Problems

  1. Jun 12, 2004 #1
    The first extra-solar planets detect are not likely canidates for life b/c

    a) the planets are too small
    b) thier surface temp is too low for liquid water
    c) they orbit pulsars, which emit too much powerful radiation
    d) they are too distant from the star they orbit.

    I believe the answer is c) they orbit pulsars, ect..

    So far, it appears that extra-solar planetary systmes differ from our solar system in that

    a) stars in the center of these systems are all much more massive than our sun
    b) theplanetary systems are typically larger than our solar system
    c) these planetary systems have no Oort cloud
    d) giant planets are located closer to the central star
    e) they are found around B stars

    I think the answer is d.

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    In the first line, should that read "detected" instead of "detect"? If so, then I suppose (c) is the answer. However, perhaps someone can refresh my memory...wasn't the announcement of the first extrasolar planets ever found (supposedly around a pulsar) later retracted as an error?

    Agree, (d) on #2.
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    All of a, b, c and d would not restrict any for being a candidate for "life". Too many use that term, and thought, to mean life familiar to us. 25 years ago, any marine biologist would have told you that life is impossible around the undersea volcanic vents where the temperature is too high and methane and hydrogen sulfide are predominant. But, a lot of new creatures have been found there, just not your ordinary fish.

    We can't think that life only means life like us, the possibilities of unbelievable variety are out there. The answer shouls be f): None of the above.
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