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Bug Latex in private messages

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    Having read about some of the Latex bugs reported in this forum, I've seen similar symptoms (images from my personal cache instead of the correct ones) when reading private messages from others. I can get the correct image to show by composing a reply to the message then doing a preview message. The correct images then show in the quoted original message. Not only that, but if I then go back to the original message, it now shows the correct images!

    Can this bug be fixed?
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    I don't think we'll be supporting LaTeX in private messages.
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    This implies LaTeX in PMs is not supported as a matter of policy rather than as an oversight?

    If that's true, it would be preferable if
    • there were a warning message on the "Send new private message screen" to say LaTeX is not supported
    • when previewing a PM before sending it, LaTeX were not supported there either -- this gives a false impression, what you see as author is not what the recipient gets
    Of course, I'd much prefer it if LaTeX were supported in PMs, unless there's a really good reason not to...
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    Perhaps, thanks for the suggestion. When chroot designed the addon, he simply didn't include PM functionality.
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