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Laurent Nottale

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    I would appreciate people's opinion on Nottale's ideas. It looks fascinating to me. The more I read his papers, the less I understand the general indifference his work seems to be plagued with. I admit that his ambitions are huge. Nevertheless, his proposals are very elegant and natural, and also lead effective results, such as :

    Gravitational structure formation in scale relativity and On the morphogenesis of stellar flows - Application to planetary nebulae

    A scale-relativistic derivation of the Dirac Equation
    "[...] we propose here a derivation of the Dirac equation also from a geodesic equation [...]"

    Gauge field theory in scale relativity
    "The aim of the present article is to give physical meaning to the ingredients of standard gauge field theory in the framework of the scale relativity theory. [...]"
    cited twice by Robert Carroll (Un. of Illinois) especially in his Fisher, Kaehler, Weyl and the quantum potential

    Also, other authors have followed his steps :
    Phase Transition in Gauge Theories and the Planck Scale Physics
    L. V. Laperashvili (ITEP, Moscow, Russia), D. A. Ryzhikh (ITEP, Moscow, Russia)

    You can find more on his http://wwwusr.obspm.fr/~nottale/, especially many papers to download. The equations work. The interpretation is doubtlessly debatable.
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    I've not read the PNe paper, but the abstract is certainly correct in stating that "... these simple shapes, which are expected to be solutions of standard hydrodynamical equations, are not yet fully understood." :surprised Whether their (Nottale and da Rocha) proposal has legs remains to be seen; they seem to have made some specific, testable predictions, so we may not have too long to wait to find out!
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