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Learning about spintronics

  1. May 9, 2007 #1
    I am interested in learning about spintronics. Anybody around who is familiar this field?
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    I was just looking over the Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics forum where ZapperZ was replying to a question about growing crystal lattices and said "the lattice mismatch is actually desirable because it produces a strain in the film that breaks the degeneracy of the crystal, allowing for the production of spin-polarized photoelectrons.".
    So I did a little googling on spin-polarized photoelectrons production and found out that spintronics is an application for these photoelectrons. You might want to ask ZapperZ.

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    I'll move this thread from EE over to that forum so that Zz sees it. Thanks for the pointer, dlgoff.
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    please see the original paper by Rashba!
    Wrinkler write a book about spin-orbit coupling, published by Springer
    you can consult it.
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