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Learning AlgebraII, Any Advice?

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    Hi. I have 20 days until school starts (I'm going to be a sophomore, in the US). I'm going to learn AlgebraII, and challenge the class to see if I can skip it to Pre-Calculus. How should I go about learning AlgebraII? I don't think this will be too hard for me, if I'm dedicated. I have some materials with me, like, old college books from relatives and things like that. The books I have are, "Practical Calculus For Home Study" By Palmer, "Intermediate Algebra" By Hubbard Robinson, "Schaum's Outlines: Trigonometry (fourth edition)" by Moyer and Ayers, "Algebra And Trigonometry (third edition)" By Gary Rockswold, and "Student's Solutions Manual" which is a solutions book to "Algebra And Trigonometry." So, how should I go about this? I need to learn it, so I can pass the test I'm going to challenge it. Could anyone possibly help me in the next 20 days, and tutor me through emails and what not? It would be really nice. :) The reason I'm going to challenge the class is because I want to be in Pre-Calculus this year, and I'm very determined to do this. I'm sure the next 20 days is enough time to learn it. A course that is (my HS goes by trimesters) 3 trimesters long would be about 90 hours in total, while AlgebraII is only 2 trimesters long. In the next 20 days I have around 350 hours (subtracting sleep and what not). So, please help me. I need to start this fast.

    P.S. - I'm fairly new here.. Did I post this in the wrong section? I wasn't sure.
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    Do you know if your Algebra II class has trigonometry?

    EDIT: Are you in highschool or college?
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    I'm in high-school. No, it doesn't have Trigonometry. My High-school separated AlgebraII and Trigonometry into 2 classes. I've already taken the Trigonometry class, although it's an optional one.

    EDIT: I was recommended this tutorial/site by someone. Do you think it is good enough? They said this will fit my requirements. What do you think?
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    Isn't trig combined with pre-calc?

    Anyways, make sure you know your conics
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    Yea. While I was in Trigonometry my teacher was comparing what we were doing to his pre-calc class. The trig class I took as more of a 'prep class' for the trig that we'd do in pre-calculus. So, what do you think of that tutorial/math-lab link I gave?
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    The tutorial/mathlab is definitely not enough (in my school district). Here's a word document on a syllabus similar to our class. Additionally, you can check out KhanAcademy on youtube; it has many useful math videos. Just search for the one your looking for.

    Here's KhanAcademy's homepage:


    And make sure you find some execises!! Many people in our class were having trouble on conics. Make sure to be familiar with all the topics!!:smile:

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    Alright, thank you! :) That was much appreciated.
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    No problem, good luck:tongue:
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