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Learning Physics etc.

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    Hi, I just registered here, my reason for joining this post was to learn. I've had a flick through some of these posts and they are out of my league. In case you're wondering I studied science at school. I have been a bit lazy and didn't go to college or university, but keep my eye on what I can. I'm still keen to learn but I don't have much money. Are there any such things as an apprenticeship in the sciences, could you learn/work with someone or what alternatives do I have? Thanks
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    Hi adx24001! If you want to learn about science, this is the place to be! Don't be discouraged by the high tech threads here. No one will ridicule you for not being as knowledgeable as someone else. As long as you are willing to learn and know where your breadth of knowledge begins and ends you should have no problem here.

    In regards to your situation, if you are very interested in science, you may want to consider taking some courses at your local community college if possible. The cost of a credit is significantly cheaper than the equivalent courses at a university, and you will fill your appetite for knowledge and set yourself up to take future courses if you so desire.
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    Have you considered going back to school? A lot of people who decide not to enter university immediately after graduating high school later successfully return to their studies to obtain degrees.

    I once worked with a man in his 30s who went back to school after years of working in the navy. While an undergraduate student, he was taken under the wing of a professor, who made him the lead student of a research group and supported him with enough funding to care for his family. He obtained a bachelor's degree in astronomy.

    I'm a graduate student working as a graduate research assistant, and I feel like I'm in a science apprenticeship under my research adviser, who is training me to become a scientist.
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