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Leonard Susskind's new book on QM is now out

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    Leonard Suskind's new book on Quantum Mechanics: The Theoretical Minimum is now available. I bought a copy at the local Barnes and Nobles. It looks pretty good after briefly scanning it but I'll know more once I begin reading.

    Can it be placed in the list of recommended books that Greg started up some time ago?

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    I have seen the first "theoretical minimum" book by Susskind, and I think that the choice of topics is very bad. In particular, at pages 3-14 he presents some basics of discrete evolution, which large majority of physicists have never seen before.

    But I think that owing to the title, the book is good to discredit crackpots. When some crackpot presents you his theory of the universe, you can tell him that first he must read the "theoretical minimum" and understand everything in it. Most likely he will not be able to understand it, which gives you a good argument not to make discussions with him anymore. Or if he will able to understand it, then he is not a total crackpot and a discussion with him is not a total waste of time.
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    I actually liked his first book.

    With just a bit of calculus and the willingness to apply yourself you can see the real deal.

    I had a quick look at Amazon and it looks good to me as a start. Again its the real deal and you have to apply yourself.

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    Hi guys, first ever post! :)

    I own the 1st Theoretical Minimum book from Susskind. Its a great source of intuition I think, but really basic for any kind of university course. So essentially, its either for people who want to get the intuition on the basics and carry on with a real book on the matter, or for people who just want to read about the subject (as a substitute for popularised books).

    My 2 cents would be:

    Check out his QM course on youtube because the book is based on that. If you like them, buy the book. :)
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