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Lifting analysis in Ansys WB

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    I wish to do a lifting analysis in Ansys workbench.

    Basically it is a wagon with a train on it. I wish to analyse what happens to the model when lifting the wagon which has the weigth of the wagon+train.

    What is the easiest way to analyse what will happen to the wagon when lifting it with slings attached to the side of the wagon? Should I apply a acceleration to the wagon which will represent the velocity of the lifting? I must decide if the lifting will result in any permanent deformation to the wagon when lifting it... any idea on how to proceed?

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    This sounds like a complicated and potentially dangerous analysis, have you considered that it might be better to have this analysis done by an experienced professional?
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    Why dangerous? Just static analysis...
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    Is this static analysis being done to certify a lifting or rigging fixture for a real-life application? Please provide more context (including images if possible) regarding the analysis you want to perform...
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