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Light Slower In Glass ?

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    Light Slower In Glass ??

    so light is slower in glass, but why

    i know its something about that when a wave of light hits atoms the move around and produces more waves of light and then the super position of them then slows the original light somehow, but i don't understand why and how

    and then is light slows down when it's traveling in a medium and its traveling at C when it come out of the medium and into vacuum, then the wave or foton somehow lost energy when it came in, but how does it regain that energy and if it was slowed down to under C and then accelerated to C aigen dosent that break realativity
    i mean a foton or light wave have energy and e^2=m^ 2c ^4+p^2*c^2 så vil den også være påviket af realativitets theorien

    i know its a stupid question but i just don't understand
    and surry for my bad english
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    See also this post:

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    from the Frequently Asked Physics Questions section of our General Physics forum.
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