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Limit of charing a body by positive charge

  1. Jun 18, 2013 #1
    Hello all,

    I always read in texts that you can charge a body in air till the the electric field due to body does not exceeds the dielectric strength of air, which has a certain value. The question that is popping into my head is that, what if we charge the body in vacuum? I expect that even in vacuum one can not charge(positively) a body indefinitely . A body can be charged positively by detaching electrons from it, but as such a given mass of body has a definite number of electrons, this let me feel that there is a limit of charging a body by positive charge and this limit is reached when the body lose all of its electrons. Please clarify this as it is just my thinking there may be something beyond my understanding.
    Thanks a bunch
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    There are other ways to charge a body. You can always add a positively charged particle to it.
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    Thanks s.g. but this not my concern. I know by adding positive charged particles there can accumulation of desired number of postive charge, what I want to know is the situation when we have detached all electrons (free or bound if possibility exist) from a body than will our system( which definitely consists of lot of positive charge) re-create somehow more electrons or in other words the possibility of "zero charge" of any type(+ve or -ve) never exist and this always let us draw more and more electrons from the body irrespective of the number of electrons it carries during normal neutral state? Is that could be the case?
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    Way before you remove all the electrons, the body will not be a body anymore.
    What keeps the positive ions together in a solid body?
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    Ok Guys thanks
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