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Line Spacing in Latex

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    I'm not totally sure this is the right place to put this but here goes. I am using a thesis package from a different university for my thesis and I am having an issue with the line spacing.


    The vertical spacing between equations is a bit much. How exactly can I change this spacing for the equations for the whole document? The gap, I assume, should be about the same gap as the spacing between lines of normal text.
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    There are two ways of doing this. The easiest is by putting in your preamble


    where factor is a number. 1.0 is normal. 1.3 is one-and-a-half spacing and 1.6 is double spacing. And so on. So condider putting in \linespace{0.7} or similar.

    You could also put in the package


    Then you can use commands like

    If you have acces to the .sty package of your package, then change one of these factors.
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    I found the area in the style package where they changed the spacing for eqnarray and I deleted it like a boss. I'm so smrt.
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    There's a mistake in equation (2.21) :biggrin:
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    Go away.
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