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Linear systems & physics

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    what kind of physical proceses can be simulated with a microprocessor using machine language
    is possible to simulate a differential equation?, or integral?, or just can be used with processes that involve integer or rational numbers
    i think also to use in recursive formulas, but i could not find any example of a process that uses this formulas
    any sugestion??
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    This all depends on your ability to generate machine language code. Numerical methods exist to solve any differential equation you can come up with. You must remember that all computers run ONLY machine language code. The list of problems which cannot be numerically simulated is much shorter that then those that can be.

    Do you have any specific questions?
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    I realize that you're asking about machine language, but what about capacitive and inductive feedback? Is that an option for you. Integration can be accomplished with an opamp using capacitive feedback and differentiation can be accomplished with an opamp using inductive feedback. If it must be machine code, then I would suspect that there is probably a way to model or simulate these simple circuit configurations using machine code which has been well developed.
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    Thank heaven you can do differentiation without inductors, otherwise many filters would be impractical.
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    A feedback loop with actual physical inductors is generally different than a feedback loop with an inductive characteristic. The nature of the feedback can be inductive while using only capacitors and resistors in the feedback loop (electronically, of course, not physically). This is similar to the difference between a simple low pass filter using an inductor and a simple lowpass filter using a capacitor.
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