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Homework Help: Linear transformation and Ker(T)

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    Hi, suppose I have a linear transformation T and Ker(T) consists of only the zero vector. Then is it true that a basis for Ker(T) consists of no vectors and is of dimension zero? I would like these technicalities to be clarified. Any help would be good thanks.
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    Yes, the "subspace" consisting only of the 0 vector has dimension 0.
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    Ok thanks HallsofIvy.

    Just one more thing, if a transformation is injective then it is not necessarily onto? I ask this because I would like to know if in determining whether a transformation is invertible, if it is sufficient to look at whether or not it is injective.
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    Correct. It's very easy to find an example of an injection which is not surjective.

    Sometimes it is (such as when the transformation is between two spaces with the same (finite) dimension).
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    Thanks for quick reply Muzza.
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