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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (GLP) Volume in Tanm

  1. Jul 20, 2016 #1
    Hello. I am having some trouble with a work related problem. I have a GLP tank of 5000 litres capacity, and we actually have a pressure gauge on it measuring that the gas pressure on top of the liquid is above tolerance.
    Based only on that data, we need to measure the volume that is being taken out every time that the gas tank is used. We don't have any flow meter or we don't have any data on what's the density of the GLP on the tank (we don't know the propane/butane proportions). Nothing, just the capacity, and the initial and final pressure before and after using the tank. Is there any way to measure the following:

    1 - How much volume of liquid GLP is on the tank?

    2 - How much volume is being taken out of the tank?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am struggling with this for days.
    Thanks :)
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Why don't you just install an in-line flow meter? That would seem to be the best approach.
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    Or a float gauge? The answer to the question is no, you can't find the volume/usage with the information you have.
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