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Homework Help: Liquid Level Problem!

  1. Oct 8, 2009 #1
    Well, looks like pretty straight forward problem...!

    Problem: The liquid level in a simple gravity distributor in an Industrial column at 58 m3/hr is 215 mm, when the chosen liquid medium is water at 18 C (Density: 998.6 kg/m3 and Viscosity: 1.06 mPa s).

    But when a change in liquid medium with properties (Density: 352 kg/m3 and Viscosity: 0.05mPa s) the liquid level is increased to 286 mm. How to calculate or deduce the relationship between the densities and viscosities with liquid levels or height of a liquid?

    Can anyone help me out with the problem....any help is appreciated...Thanks in advance!.
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