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Load Power Factor in Power System

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    If you have a purely resistive load, which is connected to the generator via elements such as (transformer, transmission line etc), will the load power factor still be unity or 1.0 (In theory)? Or do the previous components such as transmission line etc affect the load power factor? Many Thanks in advance
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    The transformer and cables can affect the PF - the transformer typically more than a short cable run. Consider, for example, if there is no load - the transformer is really just an inductor sitting across the line. The Magnetizing current ( almost purely inductive) will be nearly the same as more load is applied, so at very low load the PF will be affected more than under high load.
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    It depends on where you measure it. If you are concerned with utility billing, they measure both voltage and current at the load. In that case, your power factor with a resistive load is 1.
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