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Looking for interest in Carrol & Ostlie study group

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    I have been slowly working through Carrol and Ostlie's Intro to Modern Astrophysics but at the rate I am going I will be dead before I finish.

    My idea is that we will do ~ 1 chapter per month (I know that is slow compared to how fast it would be in a class, but w/ a full time job, 3 kids etc. I can't imaging going much faster) doing a good representative sample of the problems. People will post their solutions, then we will discuss.

    I am not sure if it would be permitted to conduct the group at physicsforums or if the group would have to be located elsewhere.

    If anyone is interested please pm me. If enough people (5?) are interested we can figure out where it should be located, work out a schedule and get started.
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    Alternatively, just ask topical questions here in this thread - and one can post HW questions in the HW forum.
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