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Low temperature LCC chip carrier

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    I need a LCC for low temperature measurement down to 10K or at least 77K. but I couldn't find any LCC capable of operating at that low temp. most commercially available LLC can only operate -70C. how you guys find a LCC operating below 77K? is it custom made?
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    We just used regular ones for 77K, they aren't rated for that but that's mostly because there isn't much of a market.

    Buy a couple of different brands from the normal supplier catalogs, dump them into LN2 a few dozen times and see if any of them break. We found they all worked fine.

    Of course if you have space mission budget there is probably somebody that will sell you exactly the same part with certification that it works at 77K - after they have done the same dunk test!
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    OK. thanks a lot.
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