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Low Voltage Problem

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    had a hanging light in diniing room. wanted to replace with a ceiling fan but junction box would not hold a ceiling fan. so went into attic pulled existing wire only about 6 inches up to remove from junction box. placed wiring in new junction box after it was secured. after installing ceiling fan , would not turn on. tried to replace old light that was there would not turn on. tested wiring and now have low voltage... ??? do i have to rerun the wiring from the outlet to the switch due to defective wiring? any other ideas?
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    Let me guess. You are using a digital voltmeter. I suspect it is simply picking up the AC field in the 'air' and giving you this reading. I suspect you have NO voltage. A connection is open somewhere. In this scenario I would say to myself: "What did I do that would/could cause this?"
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    Try checking for voltage at the switch.
    Check the fuse or circuit breaker to see if it's good.
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    What voltage are you reading?
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