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Magnetic field outside a solenoid in 3D in terms of position

  1. Mar 9, 2008 #1
    Magnetic field outside a solenoid in 3D(off axis)

    Hey all,
    I am modeling an inductive proximity sensor and require the formula for the magnetic field just outside a solenoid off axis. In terms of a particle's position.i.e.(x,y,z). I have searched a lot of places. But most of the results show it to be zero. Please help.
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    The magnetic scalar potential, phi_m, for a single loop is given as a Legendre polynomial expansion in "Classical Electromagnetism" by Franklin.
    This can be integrated to give the scalar potential for a solenoid.
    Then B=-grad phi_m.
    That is the simplest way, but it is quite complicated.
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