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Programs Masters in Physics for undecided Specialization

  1. Sep 19, 2016 #1
    Hello all,
    I'm currently an undergraduate Physics major in an Egyptian University, I was intending to pursue a masters in Physics in a university abroad (Europe or US) and I have not yet decided what do I want to specialize in, I wanted to ask for suggestions for Master's programs which involve some exposure to various fields in Physics before picking a specific field. If you have any suggestions or know good programs then please share!
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    Most mainland European universities offer this.
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    Here in the Netherlands at the beginning of the MSc program in physics the student has already chosen between theoretical and experimental physics, but the specialization itself can be decided later. (For programs in applied physics at technical universities this may be different.)

    One advantage for foreign students doing an MSc in NL is that the language of instruction is English. The official Dutch organization for internationalization in education is called Nuffic. They also have a website specifically for prospective students. Some universities (in NL and elsewhere) offer Summer schools. This may be a good way to see whether you like a certain location and institution.
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