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Material Selection

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    I am trying to find a thin flexible metal rod that does not have a spring back property and be able to bend 45 deg. per side for 6K cycle. I tried 0.7 mm galvanized steel rod but not getting the cycle needed. Think of paper clip that and be bend 6K times without breaking. Once bend to a shape, it stays put. Can anyone recommend me a material that will meet that requirement.
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    "Flexible" is a broad term covering both maleable and and spring metals. Since you want it to stay put, you're looking for something that's ductile, capable of being deformed (tension) plastically without fracture, and maleable, capable of being deformed (compression) plastically without fracture. Since you specified a rod, it will be undergoing both tension and compression during it's 6k cycles.

    Ductility and maleability are not synonomous, and some materials are good in one but poor in the other. Gold is both the most ductile and maleable of all metals, followed by silver.

    I'd go for the gold! It's a pretty good conductor, too. If cost is an issue, try iron, nickel, or tin (pure forms, not the alloys).
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    Thanks for the suggesting. It makes sense. I tried using pure Copper, and Tin. It only lasted around 1K cycle. I decided to use a goose neck which is less stress on the metal which turned out OK.
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    I'd suggest trying a 300 series stainless steel.
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