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    MiH had a cameo in my dream last night.

    A guy who lived next door to a place I was visiting was experimenting with the aerodynamics of antenna probes, firing them off his balcony to see which would travel farthest and stick in the ground best. All these spiky things were protruding from his lawn, making it look like a giant umbrella carcass had made ballistic landfall. Each spike was labelled for identification. One was labelled MiH.

    I took a pic of it. Unfortunately, I woke up before I could post it to PF and confirm it was her.
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  3. Wouldn't it have been creepy if you had time to do that in ur dream and it appeared on the forum after you woke up?
  4. Oh! That reminds me: I had a dream too, but I did get a picture:


    Dave, could you confirm whether this spike is you or not?
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    Wow! And to think I never saw this until today!
  6. DaveC426913

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    Well that would explain why I've waited 18 months and you still haven't shown up at my place to make my dreams come true.
  7. I had a dream last night that I had to walk home from some radio station place. It took me well till dusk and I was walking all the way down the beltway for hours and hours. It was horrible, and then when I was half way home I got lost in some newly built community of town houses and condos. I walked inside one of the condos and there was a party, so I started walking around seeing who was there. Then I left and walked home for another hour . By then it was pitch black outside, with only light from street lamps and the moon.

    Weirdddd dream. (I think I've had it twice too).
  8. lisab

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    So, MiH wasn't at the party? Wow, what a weird dream!
  9. drizzle

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    you're on the right way :rolleyes:
  10. Is it an excuse or an explanation ? I find dreams come real all the time!
  11. drizzle

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    if he had it again then it's an explanation, if not then it's an excuse:biggrin:
  12. That is a smart reply :smile:


    -- Forgive and Forget --
  13. I don't follow you.
  14. drizzle

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    what ever concerns you, you're doing fine
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