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Mathematical tools for continuum mechanics

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    Hello^^ (I'm new here)
    I want to know the mathematical tools i need to study continuum mechanics.
    It would be great if someone give me a link that contains video lectures.
    Thanks for help .
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    The tools you need for continuum mechanics are ODE's, PDE's, differential geometry, and vector calculus.
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    Thanks for your ansewr.
    We started in class" Mécanique des milieux continus " which i translated to "Continuum mechanics".
    We started by talking about the concept of deformation of a solid, about the tensor gradient of transfomation...
    But it was introduced in a poor way (in class): we didn't even talk about what a tensor is..!(we took it as matrix)
    The introduction was insufficient.. and things are vague, not rigourous and not clear to me!
    So, please:
    Could you tell me if i will need to know more about tensor analysis?
    I'm confused about what i should ask you, but i want to know from your experiences the things that an engineer has to know...or.. (a link, a PDF, a video lecture)

    PS: I tried to search in MIT ocw but couldn't find exactly what i need.
    Sorry for my being not clear and thank you.
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    Vector-Tensor calculus, PDEs, with whatever physics is necessary. A good first start is the FREE book:
    "Functional and Structured Tensor Analysis For Engineers"
  6. Sep 28, 2013 #5
    Yes. You really need to know tensor analysis. Here is a link to a document that I was very impressed by, and which appeared in Physics Forums in the section on Learning Materials.

    I think you will find it very easy to learn from, and the material is presented in a very effective way.

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